I Heard It Disappear

TM9634 I Heard It Disappear 36×48 oil on panel

It was a record breaking 61 degrees in Boston today – in February! I have been working on a pond painting, a view along the edge of the shallows. As the temperature rose, so did the values and mood in my painting, By noon I had to be careful and not let the panel float right out the window, along with my heart.

I Heard It Disappear is based on many treks around the perimeter of the pond, and the way the ground tremors from my sneakers are enough to scare the little frogs back into the water from their logs and branches. I hear a continuous plop! plop! plop! as I work my way around. Only traces of ripples give evidence of their nimble leaps. Not like the frogs along the Fens in Boston, who look up as if to say “what do you want?” Then give a “Ciao!” as I leave. Detail below. Enjoy.

TM9634 I Heard It Disappear – detail from right side

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