Spring Finds a Way

TM9642 Spring Finds a Way 42×48 oil on panel

Toward the end of winter, I find myself craving the bright, almost neon yellow greens of spring. It’s the desire for life and all its energy. This meadow reaching toward the woods is based on memory, invention, and that uncontrolled desire for green. I want to run into that soft grass and do zoomies, just like my dog. Here’s to life! Details below.

TM9642 Spring Finds a Way – detail from field edge
TM9642 Spring Finds a Way – detail from left side

Technical painting notes: The panel was first covered with a wash of warm sienna and a thinned napthol red/sienna mixture with some spatter texture. Once dry, I used a dark greenish black mixture thinned with oil and mineral spirits to roll in the major shapes of dark woodland, scraping out the tree, branch and deadwood shapes. Later work with rollers and brushes defined the grasses and vines. I used the edge of the roller to “draw” fine lines. Interweaving glazes and highlights brought a bit more luminosity to the painting.

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