Vernal Pool – Tadpole Hatch

TM9656 Vernal Pool – Tadpole Hatch 3ox30 oil on panel

I’ve been hanging out watching vernal pools, a favorite spring activity of mine. So much is happening below the surface. This painting is based on a vernal pool in Concord, Massachusetts shortly after a tadpole hatch. The little swimmers are darting all over the pond agitating the water. So cool. Detail below.

TM9656 Vernal Pool – Tadpole Hatch – detail

Fenway Open Studios April 30 and May 1, 30 Ipswich Street in Boston, Massachusetts I will beopen noon to 5pm both days. Masks needed to visit studios, plus an outdoor tented exhibit, bands, ice-cream truck, and grand opening of the non-profit Fenway Gallery. Hope to see you!

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