Sanctuary #4 – A Quiet Place

TM9682 Sanctuary #4 – A Quiet Place 36×40 oil on panel

In the woods – that could have been a motto for my childhood, whether I was exploring in the woods or wishing I could go. The infinite mysteries, the rich smells, the universe found under a rock or in a pond, the snapping turtles and horned pout, the wet feet – all of it! It’s still my go to place for solace, quiet, inspiration, and a place to think or just be. Enjoy.

P.S. Funny how a physical change (like cataract removal, with its attendant delight in seeing the details!!!!) can affect one’s approach to painting. I don’t know what the next painting will look like, but I certainly look forward to finding out.

One thought on “Sanctuary #4 – A Quiet Place

  1. I’m with you on this. I was always exploring all the places around where I lived and bringing home plants, flowers and little creatures though my mother wasn’t very thrilled about it.

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