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To the end it’s about time,
or rather – it’s lack.
Acquiring the necessary skills
by necessity shortens the years
one can use them.
When the real work begins
I can see my end – brevity is a fact.
There’s nothing left but to work
as fast as I can while I’m intact.

Biography: Teri Malo was born in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. She received a scholarship to pursue a BA in studio art with a minor in English from Emmanuel College in Boston. Upon graduation magna cum laude in 1976, she continued her studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, receiving an MFA in printmaking in 1978.

She currently resides at Fenway Studios, an artists’ cooperative in Boston, MA, where she has served six terms as President on the Board of Directors. In 1998 Ms. Malo successfully worked with Thomas Mairs, Jan Sprawka, and George Haggerty on the application to the National Park Service for Fenway Studios to become a National Historic Landmark.

Ms. Malo’s work focuses on elemental themes from nature – water, air, granite, and forests. She paints primarily in oil on panels, utilizing techniques borrowed from her studies in printmaking and watercolor. Earlier paintings and prints focused on New England’s landscape and seascape, including the coast of Massachusetts from Cape Cod up through Cape Ann and into Maine and the Bay of Fundy. She has also documented the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor with paintings of the Blackstone River and Canal and the historic textile mills along its banks.

Ms. Malo’s works are in a number of collections, including the DeCordova Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Newport Art Museum, the Blackstone Group, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Marriott Hotels, and Baystate Medical Center.  Her exhibition entitled Beyond a View: The Landscape Drawings and Poetry of Teri Malo was on view at the Danforth Museum in 1998. Another solo exhibition featuring oil paintings and poems about the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor was hosted by the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in 2001. The Bristol Art Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island included thirteen of Ms. Malo’s paintings in their summer 2015 exhibition Island Time.


11 thoughts on “Biography, contact address

  1. Looking for a painting similar to inside autumn, confetti or October poem no more than 44″wide. Saw your work at 80 Thoreau several months ago and really want to own one.

    • Thank you for your interest in my paintings, Christine. I believe 80 Thoreau has work via Powers Gallery. Some of the paintings you mention are available, and we can follow-up through Powers. I’ll be in touch.

  2. I have a piece in my collection that I believe is one of your early prints, titled “Winter Trees” S.2 38/50 from 12/78. I would really like to know if it was done by you

    • If it’s a tiny etching, signed Malo, yes it is. Some of them were printed in a very dark blue/green/black ink, others were printed in more of a burnt sienna/umber color. It’s one of my earliest etchings.

      • It is a very tiny etching and done in the dark green blue ink! Thank you for confirming it! It is going to be framed and put with some other forest prints I have from other artists. I am enjoying it very much.

  3. I have an etching “In God’s gardens they keep silent” and it is 21/230 signed by Joan Rilke and Teri Malo. I love it but do not know anything about it and I an unable to find any background information. I hope you will share some information about it.

    • Linda, the two-color etching was a commission I received through the Pucker Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. The title is from a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, the great German poet, and it was both his work and of course my own love of Nature’s wild gardens that inspired the piece.

  4. I have a numbered signed print with the phrase
    A road once taken but can’t make out the year 1979?

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