Exhibition opens at Arden Gallery

TM9135 The Day After 42×48 oil on panel

TM9134 Retreating Tide 36×48 oil on panel

The paintings are on the walls! My new show Seascapes at Arden Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts will be up for the month of August. The show includes a number of my larger wave paintings and a group of my little babies, the 7×7″ oil on prepared paper paintings, framed and ready to greet the world.

For more information, click on the link


Mr. Inness goes to Greylock Gallery

TM9164 Autumn with Mr. Inness 42×60 oil on panel

Autumn with Mr. Inness just arrived at Greylock Gallery for the August show. Who is Mr. Inness? My hero, and an influential later 19th century American landscape painter. His paintings of autumn were startlingly abstract and soulful. I enjoyed the conceit of spending time with this master, as if I could invite him to come to my favorite spot and paint with me. Who knows, maybe I’ll invite him again?

In the meantime, if you are visiting the Berkshires and WIlliamstown, stop in at the Greylock Gallery, have lunch nearby, and don’t forget to visit the new bookstore next to the gallery. It makes for a fun day! Enjoy.


New England Coastline #12

TM9331 New England Coastline #12 7×7 oil on paper

The scarred fingers of ledge reaching into the water at Bass Rocks are such a gorgeous color – all ocher and red oxide, not like the grey granite found toward the middle of the state, or like the maroon, black, and deep mars violet cliffs you can find up north between Lubec, Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. So much color and geometry, so little time! Enjoy.

New England Coastline #10

TM9331 New England Coastline #10 7×7 oil on paper

It’s important to remember that something as apparently soft as water can take down a mountain. New England’s geological past included mountains that could vie with the Alps. All it takes is a few Ice Ages and a lot of weather and time to render that mountain into fractured headlands or shifting sand dunes. Isn’t it amazing?

A Long Reach

TM9335 A Long Reach 36×60 oil on panel

The waves reach us in many ways – from distance, from imagination, through time….and become part of us emotionally, psychologically, and physically. I suspect that is why so many of us respond so strongly to their pull. The salt water draws us in, recognizes that we too are mostly salt water, full of rhythms and tides, part of a larger greatness. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9335 A Long Reach – close-up of curling wave

TM9335 A Long Reach – detail of lapping water

New Engalnd Coastline #9

TM9330 New England Coastline #9 7×7 oil on paper

The summer studies continue with this small painting from Bass Rocks, so easy to recognize with that honey-colored glow. This one is on a rougher watercolor paper, which lends its coarse texture to the stone. I used a shellac primer so the texture wouldn’t be compromised by a heavy pigment coating.