TM9323 Homage to Tectonic Time 24×44 oil on panel

TM9449 Morning Reaches the Island 24×36 oil on panel

TM9459 Low Tide Morning 20×30 oil on panel

TM9322Up on Bass Rocks 36×48 oil on panel

TM9336 A Place for Looking Out to Sea 36×48 oil on panel

TM9015 The Poem in the Wave 40×50 oil on panel

SOLD TM9290 That Special Light 36×60 oil on panel

TM9329 Each Day Begins Again 36×54 oil on panel

TM9335 A Long Reach 36×60 oil on panel

TM9314 Wading the Shallows 36×54 oil on panel

TM9277 My Melancholy Sea 36×54 oil on panel

TM9324 The Minutes Masquerade as Hours 36×60 oil on panel

TM9153 Then the Sun Came Out 36×40 oil on panel

TM9147 Late Summer on the Dune 36×44 oil on panel

TM9135A The Day After #1 42×48 oil on panel

TM8920 Evanescence 36x36 oil on panel

TM8920 Evanescence 36×36 oil on panel

TM8570 My Big Blue Day 36x72 diptych, oil on panel

TM8570 My Big Blue Day 36×72 diptych, oil on panel

5 thoughts on “Coastal

  1. Teri–
    Your paintings are beautiful and looking at them–even on a website makes me feel more in touch with the world.

  2. When I look at your paintings I also feel a sense of peace and connection to the land or sea.
    It’s peaceful. I want to go there – I try and go there with my minds eye…..some day I will bring it home. Thank you for sharing your gift of art…and I know I said before I love how you describe your method and composition. thank you Teri

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