Pondscapes and Creek Paintings

The Pondscapes look into and across ponds, wetlands, and creeks, and offer oblique views that emphasize the abstract patterning one can find in nature.

TM9536 Summer Afternoons 30×80 oil on panels diptych
TM9524 Nocturne 42×54 oil on panel
nc web TM9526 April's Reflections 36x48 oil on panel
TM9526 April’s Reflections 36×48 oil on panel
TM9522 First Signs 36×92 diptych oil on panels
(Private collection) TM9502 Joy in the Morning 30×60 oil on panel
TM9493 September Days 36×72 oil on panel
TM8589 In Silence 30×60 oil on panel
TM8494 A Deeper Look 30×54 oil on panel
TM9439 Evening Poem 36×40 oil on panel
TM9515 Evening Reaches the Pond 36×48 oil on panel
TM9414 Wetland Woods 42×54 oil on panel
TM9434 Poem in a Time of Longing 36×40 oil on panel
TM9423 Joyful Spring 42×48 oiil on panel
TM9421 Reflections 36×60 oil on panel
TM9411 The Green Voice of Summer 36×54 oil on panel
TM9403 Afternoon at the Pond 42×48 oil on panel



2 thoughts on “Pondscapes and Creek Paintings

  1. I love your work and in fact own one of your pieces of ocean stones. I really love your sort of abstract woodland or pond scenes. I emailed the Greylock gallery after seeing your opening but have-not heard back so I thought I would reach out to you directly. I have a space which I think would work for one of your pieces but it can only be 36″ wide. Do you have such thing in our portfolio?

    • Alison, your timing is perfect. Greylock Gallery has two new woodlands, and I am working on two more (both measuring 36×36″). The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, so it could be that your e-mail hasn’t been opened yet. In any event, I’ll forward your note to Rachele at the gallery, and keep you posted on the progress of the new woodlands – one is very close to finished. Thank you for your enthusiam!

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