Pondscapes and Creek Paintings

The Pondscapes look into and across ponds, wetlands, and creeks, and offer oblique views that emphasize the abstract patterning one can find in nature. (note – to view entire painting in gallery, click on image)

TM9727 Wetland Woods – June Morning 30×54 oil on panel
TM9728 Wetland Woods – Spring 30×50 oil on panel
TM9689 Wetland Woods – December 30×60 oil on panel
TM9522 First Signs 36×92 oil on panel diptych
TM9711 Early Signs of Spring 36×36 oil on panel
(SOLD) TM9713 The Noble Grasses – Homage to the Rimpa Artists 42×42 oil on panel
TM9710 The Early Days of Spring 30×36 oil on panel
TM9715 Reflecting April 36×36 oil on panel
TM9714 Spring Poem from the Pond 36×40 oil on panel
TM9707 Bright Blue and Summer’s New 36×42 oil on panel
TM9702 Notes from a Pondly Afternoon 36×36 oil and pencil on panel
TM9697 Late Autumn by the Pond 36×36 oil on panel
TM9684 Buckthorn City 30×36 oil on panel
TM9693 Singing May 36×40 oil on panel
TM9659 Poem in the Woods #2 36×48 oil on panel
TM9686 Pondly Thoughts 30×50 oil on panel
TM9685 Meditation on Poetry and Motion 30×54 oil on panel
TM9669 To Start Again, and Always 30×54 oil on panel
TM9641 The Heart Has Its Own Reference 36×80 diptych, oil on panels
TM9663 June, Seen from the Shallows 36×48 oil on panel
TM9675 Autumn at the Pond 36×40 oil on panel
TM9633 Because Being Here Means So Much 36×54 oil on panel
TM9411 The Green Voice of Summer 36×54 oil on panel
TM9524 Nocturne 42×54 oil on panel
SOLD TM9629 Slow Drift 30×50 oil on panel
TM8494 A Deeper Look 30×54 oil on panel
TM8545 A Slice of the Pond 24×50 oil on panel
TM8557 In the Neighborhood 24×44 oil on panel
TM9550 A Pondly Poem 30×60 oil on panel
TM8571 Autumn’s Lilies 24×48 oil on panel
TM8589 In Silence 30×60 oil on panel
TM9526 April’s Reflections 36×48 oil on panel
TM9672 Corot’s Pond, from the Other Side 40×34 oil on panel
TM9657 Spring Reaches the Pond 30×40 oil on panel
TM9634 I Heard It Disappear 36×48 oil on panel
TM9649 Bullhead Lilies 36×44 oil on panel
(SOLD) TM9631 One White Cloud 36×44 oil on panel
TM9439 Evening Poem 36×40 oil onpanel
TM8524 Zen Puddle in the Woods 36×44 oil on panel
TM94114 Wetland Woods – Early Summer 42×54 oil on panel
TM9434 Poem in a Time of Longing 36×40 oil on panel
TM9423 Joyful Spring 42×48 oil on panel



2 thoughts on “Pondscapes and Creek Paintings

  1. I love your work and in fact own one of your pieces of ocean stones. I really love your sort of abstract woodland or pond scenes. I emailed the Greylock gallery after seeing your opening but have-not heard back so I thought I would reach out to you directly. I have a space which I think would work for one of your pieces but it can only be 36″ wide. Do you have such thing in our portfolio?

    • Alison, your timing is perfect. Greylock Gallery has two new woodlands, and I am working on two more (both measuring 36×36″). The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, so it could be that your e-mail hasn’t been opened yet. In any event, I’ll forward your note to Rachele at the gallery, and keep you posted on the progress of the new woodlands – one is very close to finished. Thank you for your enthusiam!

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