Northern Landscapes

The northern landscapes offer views, often from the trail, of woodlands, mountain and ledge, or sometimes views to the sea. (Note: Winter paintings are now on their own page).

TM9712 Early Spring at Hamlen Woods 36×30 oil on panel
TM9681 Sanctuary #3 – Deep in the Woods 40×36 oil on panel
TM9682 Sanctuary #4 – A Quiet Place 36×40 oil on panel
TM9706 Meditation on a Quiet Afternoon 30×30 oil on panel
TM9698 Sanctuary #6 – Early Summer at the Pond 24×36 oil on panel
TM9677 Sanctuary #2 36×40 oil on panel
TM9667 June Morning at the Pond 36×42 oil on panel
TM9676 Sanctuary #1 36×36 oil on panel
TM9635 Early Spring 32×32 oil on panel
TM9650 Early Summer at the Quarry 30×30 oil on panel
TM9642 Spring Finds a Way 42×48 oil on panel
TM9576 Poem for March 30×30 oil on panel
TM9496 First Signs of Spring 36×48 oil on panel

4 thoughts on “Northern Landscapes

  1. Teri, these are beautiful and very stirring–you are right about how emotional the landscape is (especially when you capture it and help us feel it)

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