Winter Paintings

TM9658 Ode to a November Pond 36×40 oil on pane
TM9709 Late Winter Copse 30×54 oil on panel
SOLD TM9713 The Noble Grasses – Homage to the Rimpa Artists 42×42 oil on panel
TM9711 Early Signs of Spring 36×36 oil on panel
TM9619 Meltwater Season 36×54 oil on panel
TM9697 Late Autumn by the Pond 36×36 oil on panel
(private collection) TM9695 Finding the Poetry in Winter 42×42 oil and pencil on panel
TM9687 What I Found in the Woods 36×42 oil on panel
TM9696 What we find in the woods is mysterious and true 36×36 oil and pencil on panel
TM9661 Pond Edge, Early December 48×30
TM9674 Poem from November – Looking between the Leaves 42×48 oil on panel
TM9666 First Freeze 36×40 oil on panel
TM9655 Frozen 30×36 oil on panel
SOLD TM9630 Early Winter at the Pond 36×36 oil on panel
TM9689 Wetland Woods – December 30×60 oil on panel
TM9521 Everything that could be seen, and some that couldn’t (aka Winter Morning) 30×60 oil on panel

(Private Collection) TM9509 Winter Ice Pond 36×54 oil on panel

TM9688 Listening to Snow 24×52 oil on panel