A Pondly Poem

TM9550 A Pondly Poem 30×60 oil on panel

I think of poems as the most elegant, concentrated way to speak truth with the fewest words, and a great poem reveals itself slowly over time, offering nuanced meanings and shades of emotion. A painting can do something similar with a few well-chosen colors and a steady eye – at least that’s my hope and goal and when I begin a painting. A Pondly Poem looks at the evolution of the pond in spring as the surroundings green up, the air gently softens, and showers work their magic. It is about anticipation, fulfillment, and maybe even melancholy. I suspect there is more in the painting, but like a good poem, it will be some time before I understand what is really at it’s heart. I need to live with it for a while. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9550 A Pondly Poem – detail from upper right showing use of rolled opaque and transparent paint
with brushwork
TM9550 A Pondly Poem – detail from upper left with reflected trees
TM9550 A Pondly Poem – detail from right side with overhanging branches