In Silence

TM8589 In Silence 30×60 oil on panel

In Silence explores the poetic qualities of color contrasted with the absence of light. It  looks at the drama of autumn, that time when we turn from bright days full of color to the deep, darkening mysteries of winter and night. The right and left sides of the painting, with reflected trees and sky, mirror the soft air and vibrancy of fall while framing the dark center. Is this, too, a reflection from deep woods? Yes, but also a metaphorical entrance into the darkness of winter. The mood is quiet; the few floating leaves suggest time’s passage and form a bridge across the center. Details below. Enjoy!

TM8589 In Silence – detail from lower center

Technical painting notes: Some paintings take a long time to finish, and this is one. I worked it up to a degree of finish, and hung it in the studio so I could ponder how to finish to it. I liked what I had, the balance of light, color, and darkness, but the center seemed a bit flat. It took a few years to figure out that small touches of golden light in the dark woods (center) made the whole painting sing. Certain things can’t be hurried.

Along the Backroads

TM9338 Along the Backroads 36×36 oil on panel

There are a few days in the fall when the reds come into their glory. I wait all year in anticipation, then hit the backroads looking for those special places  Рthe roadsides arrayed in crimson and scarlet, with  a little red ocher squeezed in. The drama in such a humble setting says a lot about New England, and about the reason I love it so much. Enjoy. Details below.

TM9338 Along the Backroads – close-up from lower left showing foreground brushwork

TM9338 Along the Backroads – close-up from lower center with distant ridge

Galerie Sono Exhibit

TM9163 Wake Me Up, September! 36×36 oil on panel

I’m sending a show down to Galerie Sono in southern Connecticut this month, with the exhibit going up in September. The reception will be Saturday, September 29, 2018. Nine new pondscapes, mostly celebrating the fabulous reds and russets of autumn, will comprise this show.