Cheerful Young Woods

TM9337 Cheerful Young Woods 36×36 oil on panel

Early summer is such a delightful time to enjoy the woods. All the greens are singing, the light is exuberant, and, with a bit of bug protection, the trails are readily accessible. This stand of pine and mixed saplings was singing the praises summer this week. I couldn’t resist. The feeling of lift, as though the trees were all members of a gospel choir, provided the context for my approach to the painting. Rhythm would rule, supported by as many shades of green as I could mix. The painting speaks of joy, but is also a praise poem to trees and the work they do keeping our dear planet as healthy as possible. Trees deserve our support and protection. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9337 Cheerful Young Woods – detail from upper left with tree limbs stretching toward the light

TM9337 Cheerful Young Woods – detail from lower right with sunlight and saplings