Cloud-gazing in July

TM8711 Cloud-gazing in July 36×48 oil on panel

I began this painting in 2016, then put it aside when it was almost finished. The reason? I didn’t know haw to finish it. It was mostly good, but the parts weren’t adding up to a comprehensive whole. This week I put it on the easel and decided to try again – and it worked. I saw a way to soften some parts, distribute the color more broadly, and intensify the effects of the sunlight on the clouds. Sometimes it just takes more experience, and the knowledge thus gained, to see the problems. Finally, my view of brilliant white clouds, reflected in a pond, began to sing. Enjoy. Details below.

TM8711 Cloud-gazing in July – detail from upper left with sunlit cloud reflections

TM8711 Cloud-gazing in July – detail from lower left