Arden Gallery Exhibit

TM8260 On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations 25×25 oil on panel

Arden Gallery is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a group show of special works, all measuring 25×25″ and created by the gallery’s artists.  The exhibit opens with a gala reception on Friday, August 3 at the 129 Newbury Street, Boston location.  For details, click the link to the gallery (to the right in the blogroll). This will be the first showing of a painting from my cosmos/water music series – On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations.

I invite everyone to join us at the festivities!

On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations

TM8260 On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations 25×25 oil on panel

Continuing the new direction in my work is a 25 x 25″ painting titled On Seeking the Major and Minor Constellations. You might wonder about the words major and minor in reference to constellations. Aren’t they all just constellations out their in the night sky? Well, not exactly. As I pondered the idea of star maps, I began to think of all the possible micro constellations out there in the world and universe. Stars are in the macro world – huge beyond knowing. But the micro world of droplets, particles, grit also exists. I began to think of a painting that would bring the two together, or perhaps express our human desire to see and recognize patterns at all scales. Below you will find some close-up details. Enjoy!

TM8260 Detail from center of painting showing both stellar and droplet constellations.

TM8260 Detail from lower right of painting, onrushing wave with droplet constellations.


Water Music – Theme and Constellations

TM8136 Water Music – Theme and Constellations 16×16 oil on panel

The juxtaposition of disparate objects can foster new relationships. This 16×16″ painting was almost finished for over a year. I liked the feel of water flowing and the abstraction created by the bands of glaze, first green then a deep royal blue. It seemed to suggest that there are many ways to look at the world. But I knew the painting needed more.  This month I had an aha! moment. It occurred to me that the droplets of water in the crashing wave were much like stars in the cosmos – stars demanding recognition. It was seeing a star chart in the newspaper and examples of composers’ musical notation that triggered the idea. Why not find some of those constellations hidden in the wave? Below you will see a detail from the painting, with the stars connected by lines like those used to map the stars. The small addition of those geometric and very human lines suddenly brought a new and richer meaning to the painting. Constellations are the result of both myth and intense observation – something we humans both need and enjoy.  With the realization that more imagination was the key to finishing the painting, I am excited to see where this painting will lead me. Enjoy!

TM8136 Theme and Constellations – detail