Down by the Creek

TM9430 Down by the Creek 36×40 oil on panel

There’s something about the overhanging branches and brilliant blue sky, all casually displayed in the slow current of the creek that charms the spirit. I love my creek. It’s close by the studio, so I dash out to visit it often. Maybe it isn’t green yet, but that just takes a little imagination and memory. It will come. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9430Down by the Creek – detail from upper right

TM9430 Down by the Creek – detail from upper edge showing use of roller, scraping, and brushwork

TM9430 Down by the Creek – detail from left of center with reflections and flotsam

TM9430 Down by the Creek – detail from lower edge with sky reflections and floating vegetation

TM9430 Down by the Creek – detail from upper left with reflections

Technical painting notes: I used a blue/black roll up of thinned oil paint to block in the major shapes, and used a scraper to draw into the wet paint and indicate some of the branches. I spattered thinned green oil paint in some areas to add subtle color. When this base layer was dry, I worked with brushes (mostly angled watercolor brushes) to start blocking color into the sky reflections, and foliage. Selectively, I used square tipped nylon brushes to refine details, and to paint color into the scraped linework of floating grasses. Some use of thinned oil paint rolled over nearly finished detail work softened areas, lending a touch of mystery to the feel of theĀ  painting.