Early April in the Woods

nc web TM8970 Early April in the Woods 36×40 oil on panel

An observation – early April in the Woods looks a lot like late fall. The snow is gone; there are a few papery leaves still holding. Color is muted. ┬áBut oh joy! there is warmth in the sun and it feels like buds will be popping soon. I actually love this intermediate season with its subtle tones and promises. Gray and tan predominate, with a nod to the green pines. It feels so linear before the foliage returns, and I happen to like lines. Details below. Enjoy.

TM8970 Early April in the Woods – detail from upper center with pines and lingering leaves

TM8970 Early April in the Woods – detail from lower left quadrant

TM8970 Early April in the Woods – detail from below center

Technical painting notes: I used the soft rubber roller to lay down a dark oil paint (mostly burnt umber and black), then worked into it with rags and spattered mineral solvents to create a pattern of lights and darks with interesting textures. While the paint was wet I used a scraper to draw the major tree forms and branches. With the first layer dry, I alternated spatter and dry brush with applications of loose paint. Glazes modulated the color.