Notes from the Garden

TM9532 Notes from the Garden 20×36 oil on panel

What to do with the scraps of wood panels leftover from the large paintings? Fool around with some fun garden paintings. These smaller paintings are all about a change of palette and lots of little experiments, like taking a break after the complicated work. They also tap into the part of me that loves working in a garden. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9532 Notes from the Garden – close up from center showing use of saturated color vs. gray tones
TM9532 Notes from the Garden – close-up from right of center showing use of roller strokes and brush

Visiting the Greenhouse

TM9196 Visiting the Greenhouse 20×30 oil on panel

Greenhouses are magical places. In the dead of winter, you can walk in and forget your winter blues. There is light, the smell of damp earth, and so much life. I visited a greenhouse last winter, and found, nestled among other plants, these camellias bursting into bloom. I took dozens of photos and pondered what I might do with them. I loved the camellias, but I wanted to include their friends. I also wanted to play with the shapes that a roller can make (and the translucence of thinly layered paint films), contrasted with an independent gestural line – two ways of describing a form. Visiting the Greenhouse is the result. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9196 Visiting the Greenhouse – detail

TM9196 Visiting the Greenhouse – detail showing brushwork and use of roller