Autumn with Mr. Inness

TM9164 Autumn with Mr. Inness 42×60 oil on panel

Pretending to paint alongside one’s heroes can become addictive. George Inness, the nineteenth century American landscape painter, has always been a favorite of mine. His later, autumn views were particularly beautiful in their apparent simplicity and rich color. When I finally had an opportunity to see them up close at the Montclair Art Museum in Montclair, New Jersey I was astounded by the abstract gestures and freedom of expression. Inness was so far ahead of his time.

Autumn with Mr. Inness is my homage to his work and a way to immerse myself in his aesthetic sensibilities. While I can never actually meet him. I can enjoy an afternoon with him in my imagination. Details from the painting are below. Also, you can follow a link to a wonderful example of Mr. Inness’ work.

TM9164 Autumn with Mr. Inness – detail fromabove center with reflected foliage, floating leaves, and pine needles

TM9164 Autumn with Mr. Inness – detail from right side with reflected and illuminated tree