An Early Morning Prayer

TM9321 An Early Morning Prayer 30×36 oil on panel

Why is this titled An Early Morning Prayer? If prayer is about hope, acceptance, love, and readying oneself for the day, then this is my prayer rock, the place I would go every morning to be in prayerful mind. Because I can’t be there, and because I am in the studio, I focus my imagination on the feel of every grain of feldspar and quartz, hear the music of tides on the shingle, and breathe the cool, salty air. Prayer in absentia. It helps. Details below.

TM9321 An Early Morning Prayer – close-up of old stone battered by waves

TM9321 An Early Morning Prayer – detail showing traces of spatter, knife, and roller application of paint

TM9321 An Early Morning Prayer – close-up from left side with eroded granite hosting ocher lichens


Morning at Minot Beach

TM9320 Morning at Minot Beach 36×44 oil on panel

Am I becoming redundant? Maybe, but I do love the morning hours best. Maybe it’s the softer light and the sense of a fresh start. Or it could be the quiet……only the sound of water lapping the shore. This location was suggested by one of my students, and she was right – it has that morning magic. Detail below. Enjoy.

TM9320 Morning at Minot Beach – close-up of ancient headland


New England Coastline #4

TM9319 New England Coastline #4 7×7 oil on paper

One more vigorous day out on Bass Rocks in Gloucester. It’s fun to see what one’s imagination can do interacting with reality. This little fellow was painted on prepared rough watercolor paper, which lends its texture, and a sense of roughness, to the rocks.

New England Coastline #2

TM9317 New England Coastline #2 7×7 oil on paper

Bracing weather, cool with a stiff breeze, that’s what I kept in mind as I painted this 7×7″ oil on paper study. I wanted the motion in the water but also the feel of air rushing past. One of those take a big breath days and enjoy the experience days…..

New England Coastlines

TM9316 New England Coastline #1 7×7 oil on paper

It was inevitable. Each time I start one of these “little babies” I’m transported to a place with fresh air and (sometimes) thundering surf, and I find myself wanting to do it again, and again, and again…….so I do. I learn something new every time, whether its about paint application, paint viscosity, color, layering, and especially taking chances. More to follow! Enjoy.


Trio from Bass Rocks

TM9310 North Shore Study #2 7×7 oil on paper

TM9309 Stormy Weather 7×7 oil on paper

TM9306 North Shore Study #1 7×7 oil on paper

Views along the coast change so much with the weather. These three, small paintings are from one area at Bass Rocks in Gloucester, Massachusetts – bright and sunny, as a storm is ending, and several hours after the storm. Capturing the mood and energy of the place is my priority, along with letting the paint do its thing….enjoy.