Let the Moments Coalesce

TM9427 Let the Moments Coalesce 42×48 oil on panel

For me, every painting is a summation of individual, observed moments, not necessarily a static view. For instance, Let the Moments Coalesce is a combination of discreet observations taken over a few weeks in spring. The reflected reeds, papery white in color, are from the earliest spring, when snow has melted and the air starts to warm. The specks of floating duckweed arrive later, often bringing the first signs of green and yellow. Spring’s violent winds can scatter baby leaves and buds on the pond’s surface. Of course eventually leafed out trees become the main reflection. I prefer paintings that are about transitions, that explore how we see, and how what we see affects the way we record our impressions. Spring is a gentler season. It requires a gentler stroke and palette, some softening of the edges. Enjoy. Details below.

TM9427 Let the Moments Coalesce – detail from upper left with reflected reeds, floating leaves and duckweed

TM9427 Let the Moments Coalesce – detail from left side

TM9473Let the Moments Coalesce – detail from lower center with reflected trees and