Low Tide, Lubec

TM9604 Low Tide, Lubec 7×7 oil on paper

On a mist-filled gray day, what better than a memory painting from foggy Lubec, Maine? This low tide view across the flats was my first impression on my first day in Lubec many years ago. I had arrived toward dark, and everything was shrouded in mist, rain and fog the next morning. Toward 10am I was startled to see the beginnings of the bay and salt water – it seemed to stretch out for miles! I spent most of that first week traipsing around with my camera shooting the seaweed, stones, and meanders of salt water and green slime. I knew I was hooked, better than any fish. Enjoy.

Low Tide Studies

TM9306 Low Tide, North Shore 7×7 oil o paper

TM9307 Low Tide at Bass Rocks 7×7 oil on paper

The ephemeral coastline, constantly changing as the tide ebbs and flows, is a complex subject for painting. The geometry of the outcrops and ledges,  the whimsy of the water, call combined with the changing mood of the weather – what fun! These two studies, from warmer, then cooler, days began with a dark underpainting. When that was dry, I started to develop the medium values then the lights. Along the way, I tried to keep the feeling of vigor and roughness, for this coastline is anything but gentle. It is full of surprises – changes in coloration in the layers of stone can be quite drastic, especially the nearly black layers. This is a slippery, treacherous place.