Water Music – A Note’s Journey

An idea, a fling of notes, then what? How do the notes find their way to music? On what strings do waves reverberate, and how does each droplet sound? The two paintings below explore visually these abstract questions. Once the notes assemble into music, where do they go, and do they go together or depart singly? 
TM8146 Water Music – Notes Seeking a Harp 16×16 oil on panel

TM8145 Song for the Ancient Mariner - Notes Departing 12x12 oil on panel

Where do the notes go?

My investigation of the idea of water music – what it could be, how it might behave, what it might look like – leaves me wondering about the behavior of notes. Do they behave like water droplets? We know they can rise and fall. When a note is sung, does it evaporate? How quickly? If the notes are excited, can they collide or become agitated? Do they jump on (or off) their staffs? Interesting thoughts to explore visually. Below are two new paintings that consider some of these questions. Enjoy.

TM8138 Water Music - Notes Reaching Escape Velocity 12x12 oil on panel

TM8139 Water Music – On the Dispersal of Notes 12×12 oil on panel

Water Music Songs

Work on the Water Music Series is progressing, and I’m pleased to share with you three new songs. Each 16 x 16 oil painting starts with a gesture based on the movement of water and interprets it in differing ways. Enjoy!

TM8135 Water Music - Plunge 16x16 oil on panel

TM8136 Water Music – Blue Song Seeking Its Register 16×16 oil on panel
TM8135 Water Music – As from a Dream 16×16 oil on panel