North Woods Creek

TM9516 North Woods Winter 36×48 oil on panel

With the right gear, nothing beats a winter day exploring the White Mountains in New Hampshire. This frozen creek, known locally as “the bowl” is just off interstate 93, and provides inspiration in any season (though I like winter). The drama of the off-kilter boulders and ice can be dangerous, but it offers a glimpse of the sublime, where intoxicating beauty and danger collide. It took many years of experience painting before I dared trying to paint the bowl, but now I want to go back and get more views. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9516 North Woods Creek – close-up showing rocky terrain

TM9516 North Woods Creek – detail from lower left with ice flow and boulders

TM9516 North Woods Creek – detail from upper center

TM9516 North Woods Creek – detail from left side