More October Haikus

TM9367 October Sails By 8×8 oil on paper

Imaging myself as a bird in a tree, surrounded by so much brilliant yellow, what joy!

TM9366 With My Head in a Tree 8×8 oil on paper

On the other hand, stepping back to admire crimson leaves and bare twigs against a cobalt sky, what could be more beautiful? I’m glad I don’t have to choose either or……far or near. Enjoy!

TM9365 Autumn Sketch 8×9 oil on paper


Brook House Exhibit

Installation View From Brook House Exhibit With double hung Arboreal Reflection paintings, Russet Afternoon and Red Autumn over the sofa

Installation View of Brook House Exhibit

I’m pleased to announce that eight of my large pondscapes form the Inaugural Exhibit at the Brook House Exhibiting Artists Program. My emissaries of autumn look happy in their new (temporary) home!

Not in the pictures….

TM9358 Autumn Afternoon at the Pond 30×60 oil on panel


Winter Melts

TM9362 Winter Melts 30×36 oil on panel

It’s shortly after a heavy snowfall, but you can tell the strong sun is already starting to melt the snow with a sheen of meltwater on the cow pond. A slight wafting breeze is knocking snow from some branches. This is winter at its best, white AND warm enough to enjoy! Details below.

TM9362 Winter Melts – detail from right side with sunlight and shadows

TM9362 Winter melts – detail from upper center with snow falling from trees

TM9362 Winter Melts – detail from shadowed side