Study from the Ice Pond #2

TM9700 Study from the Ice Pond #2 7×7 oil on paper

With all the melting and refreezing, it’s a strange winter. The ice pond continues to fascinate me, however, with its always changing patterns and configurations. Who would guess that a little bit of grass, mud, water and ice could be so intriguing?

Study from the Ice Pond #1

TM9699 Study from the Ice Pond #1 7×7 oil on paper

I was so excited to see the temperatures drop for a bit, giving me a chance to do some new studies from the Ice Pond. The exceptionally warm winter weather makes me feel like I’m painting endangered seasons, and I am! So, so sad.

Farm Fields

TM9694 Farm Fields 7×7 oil on pap

It’s always interesting emerging from the woods to see the back side of a farm – a field, a leaning shed, a few oddly spaced trees. With this study, I tried to capture the spontaneity of that moment, and the ordinary mysteries one encounters. It’s also an ode to keeping open spaces, and the habitats that surround them. Enjoy.

I Always Wonder How They Do It

TM9691 I Always Wonder How They Do It 7×7 oil on paper

Purgatory Chasm has always been an important place for me. Before I could ever understand the complexities of geology, the shallow “caves” hid monsters. The strangely tumbled rocks and mammoth boulders spoke of giants. The pungent smell of hemlock needles heated by the sun on a summer day is still my favorite scent. So it is with love and reverence that I visit as often as I can, and paint this treasure when I can’t be there.

Winter Morning after a Storm

TM9636 Winter Morning after a Storm 7×7 oil on paper

There’s always a reward for going a little further into the woods. The rocky ledges buried under snow but catching the strong sun form a wonderful composition, and the funny thing is they don’t really exist. A loose gesture with the palette knife accidentally “painted” the substructure. I liked what I saw and incorporated it into the final scene. It could be from Purgatory Chasm, and I guess in a way it is based on my knowledge of those crazy rock forms. Enjoy. Maybe I’ll check out Purgatory tomorrow……..


TM9632 Windfalls 7×7 oil on paper

The recent, harsh blizzard devastated my woods, knocking over so many trees! It is heartbreaking to see the damage, even though I know windfalls create another kind of habitat for wildlife. So many of my favorite views are gone or obstructed. I guess it just creates a new challenge. Life goes on.