New England Coastline #8

TM9328 New England Coastline #8 7×7 oil onpaper

The dark stone, wet and slippery with salt splash, is hardly a place for plein air painting, but it provides a wonderful subject to tackle and with a zoom lens on a small field camera. I shoot from a variety of positions, and try different settings, usually on different days. This provides enough information to start a painting. To finish a painting is another matter entirely. That depends on happy accidents, simplification, a basic knowledge of geology, and optimism – at least. Enjoy.

New England Coastline #6

TM9326 New England Coastline #6 7×7 oil on paper

It’s like a warm-up exercise, but more fun. Working on the small paintings prepares me for a full day of painting, and helps me to keep the big picture in mind. Doing dozens of studies of a favorite place also commits it to memory, and gives me more freedom to invent when necessary – always a good thing. Enjoy.

New England Coastline #4

TM9319 New England Coastline #4 7×7 oil on paper

One more vigorous day out on Bass Rocks in Gloucester. It’s fun to see what one’s imagination can do interacting with reality. This little fellow was painted on prepared rough watercolor paper, which lends its texture, and a sense of roughness, to the rocks.

New England Coastline #2

TM9317 New England Coastline #2 7×7 oil on paper

Bracing weather, cool with a stiff breeze, that’s what I kept in mind as I painted this 7×7″ oil on paper study. I wanted the motion in the water but also the feel of air rushing past. One of those take a big breath days and enjoy the experience days…..

New England Coastlines

TM9316 New England Coastline #1 7×7 oil on paper

It was inevitable. Each time I start one of these “little babies” I’m transported to a place with fresh air and (sometimes) thundering surf, and I find myself wanting to do it again, and again, and again…….so I do. I learn something new every time, whether its about paint application, paint viscosity, color, layering, and especially taking chances. More to follow! Enjoy.