Two Quarry Studies

TM9590 Summer Reaches the Old Quarry #2 7×7 oil on paper
TM9583 Summer Reaches the Old Quarry #1 7×7 oil on paper

These two studies were done on smooth, primed paper, which informed the quick, blocked in treatment using a palette knife. The strong sun gave me an opportunity to play with simplified shadows. I felt like Edward Hopper was sitting next to me, of course I was in his neighborhood!

Behind the Old Ballfield

TM9563 Behind the Old Ballfield 7×7 oil on paper

I was driving home thinking about baseball as I headed into the gridlock of a double header (Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays). I remember as kids we played baseball and “olympics” in a cow pasture, imagining ourselves hitting home runs past the rock pile, winning gold medals. Everything was as perfect as our imaginations allowed, with cricket applause. We had so much fun.