TM9440 Summertime 30×60 oil on panel

So much pain and sadness fills the news, and yet we have to find our way. For me, respites are my work in the studio, usually reimagining a walk along the creek or to my favorite pond. It’s a chance to remember that life does go on, the leaves will unfold into summer shade. The poetry of light and color is still here to be enjoyed. It is possible to continue. Details below. Enjoy.

TM9440 Summertime – detail from upper right

TM9440 Summertime – detail from top left

TM9440 Summertime – detail near center with vines and overhanging branches

TM9440 Summertime – detail from center top showing use of roller, brushwork, spatter, and semi-transparent layering

TM9440 Summertime – detail from lower left

Technical painting notes: The painting developed from a fairly abstract beginning, with the main values blocked in and a few directional lines of energy scraped out. While based on the creek by my studio, I have taken liberties, selecting the details I want to emphasize, and using the roller to blur and soften other areas. Generally, I work from abstract to real, then layer in more impressions to get at the essence of the place, not the facts but the feel of what I’m seeing.