More Winter Fields

TM9357 Winter Fields #5 7×7 oil on paper

TM9356 Winter Fields #4 7×7 oil on paper

The fields are dormant, but under that snow there are tunnels and nests, life and hibernation. Winter wears many disguises. What can look so beautiful and nearly empty is still full of life and life’s potential. Or evidence of life’s tenacity.

Sometimes the oaks refuse to give up their leaves, as evidenced in Winter Fields #4. I think it’s because the leaves know they can’t really compete with scarlet maples, but in a world of blue and white, their bronze leaves will offer glowing color, especially in the late afternoon light. We all have our time and place. Enjoy.

Winter Fields

I love the sparkle of winter; I love the way snow abstracts the familiar and makes it magical, and I love figuring out how to get that magic into a painting. In preparation, I’ve started some small studies based on fields I visited last winter. Here are the first three, with more to follow… Enjoy!

Technical painting notes: The paintings are on rag watercolor paper, primed with clear shellac on both sides. I used oil paint and alkyd medium, working mostly with a palette knife (and a small, flexible nylon flat for details).