Study from the Ice Pond #1

TM9699 Study from the Ice Pond #1 7×7 oil on paper

I was so excited to see the temperatures drop for a bit, giving me a chance to do some new studies from the Ice Pond. The exceptionally warm winter weather makes me feel like I’m painting endangered seasons, and I am! So, so sad.

Fresh Snow

TM9497 Fresh Snow 30×30 oil on panel

I find myself wanting to get away from these contentious times. Wipe out the anger and frustration surrounding me, sow a bit of peace and respect across this country I so love. But first, I have to calm down, Some people pray or meditate to chase the demons. For me, painting is the best way. Fresh Snow is my most recent foray into a calmer mindset. A depiction of silence, untouched by humans (yet). Working on it, I could feel my heart rate slow, my focus improve, and a measure of peace return. It’s like magic.

I think there’s another reason for painting snow scenes. With global warming, winter is shrinking. The glory of this amazing season is disappearing. I don’t want to forget what we are losing. Winter has always been such an important part of being a New Englander. It sets the rhythm of our lives. I must paint more ways to remember it, and the special feelings it brings.

First Big Snowfall

TM9244 First Big Snowfall 36×40 oil on panel

The magic of winter, for me, is the way snow transforms everything. In terms of painting, the snow is graphic, much like a woodcut. Meanwhile, the exposed elements of the landscape are still fairly painterly and express depth. The collision of the graphic and the painterly produces an expressiveness that challenges. Plus all those crisp blues and violets….I can’t resist.

First Big Snowfall is from Hamlen Woods, my (nearest) favorite conservation area. The connected wetlands, creeks and ponds offer so many subjects and perspectives, and joy!  Detail below.

TM9244 First Big Snowfall – detail

Ice Pond Views


Snow days can be so luminous – glowing blues and shades of white against startlingly colorful woods. A recent walk to the pond provided these three opportunities to savor the day. Enjoy.